The mozzarelle

Produced with 100% Italian milk our Mozzarella is good and genuine, made of milk, salt, rennet and lots of love according to the ancient art of cheese.

Fiordilatte vaschetta 250gr (2x125gr)

Ciliegina  vaschetta 250gr (9x30gr)

Fragolina  vaschetta 250gr (16x16gr)

Treccia vaschetta 250gr (1x250gr)

Bocconcini senza lattosio 200gr (4x50gr)

Mozzarella caglio vegetale 200 gr

Fiordilatte TRIS 375gr (3X125 gr)

Fiordilatte  125gr

Fiordilatte 400gr (2x200gr)

Bocconcini 400gr (8x50gr)

Laccio 400gr  (2x200gr)

Ciambelline di latte 400gr  (8x50gr)

Fiordilatte Pera 340gr (9x340gr)

Fiordilatte 600gr (4x150gr)

Fiordilatte 1kg (5x200gr)

Mozzarella Ciuffo 200gr